Darden Restaurants Gift Card

Okay, Darden ain’t a real restaurant where you can actually sit and dine in. But as a restaurant operator, it owns a number of restaurant chains that you may have visited before.

Craving for Italian food? Then head to Olive Garden for a gluten-free treat.

Craving for seafood? Then head to Red Lobster and keep yourself full with their famous biscuits!

Craving for something else? It’s not a problem. The place isn’t an issue because there’s about 1,500 Darden-operated restaurants around.

Redeemable at any Darden-operated restaurant around the U.S., all you need is one gift card and you’re good to go.

Panera Bread Gift Card

Tasty and healthy eats at the same time? Really fantastic!

Nothing compares to a gift of really good taste that comes in a form of fresh and authentic artisan bread. Panera Bread’s Asiago Roast Beef and Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwiches, and also their Asiago and Cinnamon Crunch Bagels are a must-try.

Every morning is always a favorite stop at this place. For as early as a quarter before 7 in the morning, you can get almost anything off from their menu. Food catered for about a dozen of people? No sweat, Panera Bread will have it ready in just an hour or so.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Gift Card

The best tasting coffee can’t only be found in the most popular coffee shops. Peet’s Coffee & Tea ain’t that a grand name but their coffee is so good that it’s nearly impossible to find a seat straightaway.

Meeting a friend? Like to study or read, or just to drink coffee? Like to go people watching, or just to buy some time? Then head to Peet’s Coffee & Tea and try their chai lattes and mocha frappacinos.

Service may be just A-OK but once you take a sip of their coffee, you can really taste its different kind of goodness.